Renata Trein Neira

  • Recepcionist
  • Brazil
  • Feb 23, 2018
Full time Hospitality and Catering

Personal Summary

Dear recruiters,
My background is in IT, so I
have worked from programming, web design, database scripting, to software requirements gathering, leadership and project team management, and interface design, usability, accessibility, and user experience. I worked in developing and maintaining information systems for the Unified Healthcare System of Brazil (SUS). Knowing that my work indirectly reached millions of Brazilians was very rewarding but also very exhausting. I consider a small success everything I've done until today. But the best thing of all was to have discovered myself in Arts and to be good at dealing with people. I was not satisfied when working purely with technology. Today I am an actress, a commercial model and I also work with sales and events. I find myself more satisfied and I learn a lot from every job I do! Unfortunately, however, it is not possible to live solely from Art at the present moment, which makes me seek new opportunities. I have always identified myself with tourism and hospitality, and I currently work with events. I speak English and Spanish (Spanish citizen) and a little French. Thank you in advance for this opportunity.
Best regards,
Renata Neira